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Demi Lovato is the reason I can still breathe and Zayn Malik is as close to perfection as any human being can ever hope to be.

You can message me if you want to talk or need someone to listen. I suck at advice but I try.

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Also, i have no clue how to make a goddamn link on this thing so here is my personal not linked (seriously i'm mad about this) if any of you are interested..


some boys at my school started a men’s rights club so today i listened at the door to hear what they were talking about and they were arguing over how to pronounce femininity

"You’re beautiful and you’re worthy of life. And you have so much ahead of you…"

Give Me Love - Demi Lovato (left ear) and Ed Sheeran (right ear)
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Oh my god so wow I just now finally listened to Demi’s cover of give me love by Ed and holy shit she was so amazing she really did the song justice. I love ed and I love that song a lot and I’m very proud of how well she did and all the emotion she poured into it. I felt it all, I really did and I still have goosebumps.

Do you wanna build a snoowwmaaaannn???? 😊⛄️❄️


shes so adorbs it pains me


shes so adorbs it pains me


Literally HOW do people look at this face


and think ‘nah i’m good’ and let him sit at #5

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